Top 10 Mind Blowing NBA All-Star Dunks

These innovative NBA All-Star Weekend jams became picture fan favorites. Welcome to NBAOnlineStreams, and nowadays we’ll be count down our picks for the highest ten NBA All Star Dunks.

For this list, we’re focusing specifically on slam dunks performed throughout NBA’s All-Star Weekend, thus no in-game throw-downs are enclosed.

#10: Zach LaVine (2015)

In his NBA All-Star Weekend debut, Minnesota’s 19-year-old guard brought some new flavor to the competition. along with his initial spherical slam, Zach LaVine had to a small degree of activity to try and do, and therefore the temporal order was so crucial.

Lifting off simply outside the paint, LaVine takes the ball underneath his leg and hammers it down with exactitude and polish. The “Space Jam Dunk” shows off LaVine’s power – and given he was still a tyro at the time, it highlights his explosive energy. In the end, LaVine took home high honors and with success defended his throne the subsequent year.

#9: Aaron Gordon (2016)
Aaron Gordon

Though he lost the competition to Zach LaVine, Aaron Gordon’s assortment of high-flying dunks helped wreak maybe the most effective contest in years. In years past, these ballers would get help from teammates. however in 2016, Gordon brought out Stuff the Magic Dragon for a most difficult slam dunk.

As way as temporal order, he doesn’t got to worry a couple of exactitude bounce – well, a minimum of in terms of the ball itself. What will want careful attention, however, is Gordon’s bounce over the organism, and he manages to avoid embarrassment whereas protection the influence each hands.

#8: forward|Julius Winfield Erving|Dr. J|forward} (1976)
Julius Erving

In the ABA event that introduced the primary ever 360-degree jam, Dr. J emerged as each the winner and supreme trailblazer. Today, the basketball shot line dunk has become a classic, principally owing to Air Jordan and his inheritance of aerial techniques. however Dr. J did it initial, and he did it well – complete with to a small degree ‘70s aptitude.

These days, it’s going to not seem to be a giant deal given the energy and coaching of recent athletes. But Dr. J was already a legend long ago, and his show of dunk superior skill defied expectations, establishing a replacement bar for excellence.

#7: DeMar DeRozan (2011)
DeMar DeRozan

Mid-way through his second NBA season, a 21-year-old DeMar DeRozan had already established himself as a legitimate scorer and potential sensation. Then, he gave NBA fanatics “The Show Stopper,” a dunk that might in real time establish his inheritance at NBA All-Star Weekend.

Four years before Zach LaVine delivered the area Jam dunk, DeRozan took an equivalent point route however dead a reverse windmill, showing off his airtime and navigation skills round the rim. It’s additional of poetic slam compared to your ancient hammer, however it took the competition in an exceedingly greenhorn direction.

#6: Spud Webb (1986)
Spud Webb (1986)

In his native urban center, a 5’7” Spud Webb took on his own mate – and maybe the decade’s most sensible dunker – Gallus gallus Wilkins. At the time, Wilkins had reportedly ne’er seen Webb dunk, and Spud beyond any doubt gave him a flash to recollect.

Just the bounce itself are a few things else, and Webb’s follow-through ensured the highest prize and a long-lasting inheritance at intervals the competition itself. trying back, his high-flying backhand dunk continues to be quite wonderful, however the context behind the dunk makes it even additional outstanding.

#5: Dwight Howard (2008)
Throughout his career, this man has dominated the boards. however despite his huge presence, Dwight Howard has relied on a mix of strength and power to outshine his opponents – a minimum of within the Slam Dunk Contest. Back in 2008, Howard modified the sport by taking a unique approach toward the rim.

For a jiffy, the jam appears not possible once Howard begins his final motion, however his wingspread permits for one thing actually special. He makes it’s simple, too, as there’s nothing sloppy or awkward regarding his kind or execution.

Dwight’s become legendary for his temperament over the years, however this dunk reminds US of his core ability set and exceptional energy.

#4: Gallus gallus Wilkins (1985)
After finishing third within the 1984 slam dunk contest, The Human Highlight Film came back the subsequent year for AN epic finale versus a young archangel Jordan. within the final spherical, Gallus gallus Wilkins kicked things off with a robust backhand two-hand, a dunk combining all the mandatory components to outdo somebody like MJ.

It’s a computer game variety of slam that doesn’t appear doable in world, however ‘80s footage of him enjoying proves that Wilkins might mirror his classic NBA All-Star Weekend slams in live games. He’s the definition of gravity-defying grace on the court, and Dom brought the products in 1988, too – albeit in an exceedingly losing effort.

#3: mythical being Richardson (2004)

As one of one or two of players to win consecutive slam dunk contests, mythical being Richardson is commonly cited throughout NBA All-Star Weekend.

And with sensible reason, too, as his updated version of the “East Bay Funk” dunk highlights his unconventional full extension. In alternative words, mythical being Richardson’s off-the-back approach wasn’t something new, however the energy and urgency of the slam fantastically contrasts the organic feel of his technique. Everything comes along naturally, and therefore the then-Golden State individual closes out like he’s been there repeatedly before.

#2: Vince Carter (2000)
When this provincial capital raptorial bird created his Slam Dunk Contest debut, the NBA family expected huge results. By this point, Vince Carter had quickly evolved into a top-notch player, and his athletic in-game dunks would naturally become even additional mystical with no defenders around. however Vince didn’t simply swank in 2000 – he clowned the competition, and his elbow dunk virtually left his peers unarticulate.

He additionally place down a 360-degree windmill within the same competition – even transfer out relative and then-teammate Spencer Tracy McGrady – however it’s the elbow jam that is still his most dynamic slam dunk.

Before we tend to unveil our high choose, here area unit a couple of honorable mentions.

Nate Robinson (2006)

Andre Iguodala (2006)

JaVale McGee (2011)

#1: archangel Jordan (1988)
Arguably the best player in NBA history, archangel Jordan is additionally thought to be one among the game’s most important dunkers. In 1988, he touched on the past to supply one among his most picture slams: AN aerial flight that might become a plan for ballers across the world.

Facing off against Gallus gallus Wilkins, Air Jordan had the top-notch competition he thus splendidly wanted, and his soaring conclusion shows off all the traits that created him a global superstar: reach, temperament and technique.

It’s not simply a classic Slam Dunk Contest moment, however one among the foremost unaltered Chicago moments from archangel Jordan’s Hall of Fame career.

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